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Up to 3 camera Live Streaming

A fantastic way for all your family and friends to celebrate your Big Day from anywhere in the world.

Why Live Stream?

One-click and your guests are at your ceremony.

Small footprint. You and your guests will barely notice the cameras. This allows an unobtrusive, distraction free operation.

Controlled wirelessly, offering multiple angles to capture special moments: weddings, readings, birthdays, guest's reactions - all your special occasions


Is live streaming expensive?

No, the technology has moved on and is now very affordable. Please see below for the pricing.

Do I pay per online guest?

No. Our technology allows for as many guests as you would like to invite at no extra cost.

How big are the cameras?

Very small and discrete. They (you can request more than one) are placed to capture as much of the room as possible, but can be remotely controlled to catch the best moments. We strive to be as invisible as possible.

Can you edit a shorter highlights video of the ceremony or event?

Yes. We have 20+ years of broadcast delivery of all types. We can create a video with opening and ending graphics, highlighting the ceremony. Cost will be dependent on your requirements, please enquire.

Can I watch my livestream after my ceremony or event ends?

Yes the live stream is available online for 6 months . You are also able to download the video to keep and view on any of your devices.

How many cameras are used?

The prices below in The Big Day package are for a one camera live stream, but you can choose to have up to 3 cameras for larger rooms or venues . Each camera is capable of wide shots and zooming into details if you choose to have an opperator.

The Big Day  

The main event


What's included:
Bespoke private online stream webpage, available to view 1 week before the Big Day
1 fixed position, wide angle livestream camera - 1 hour.
Your special photo on the website
Description/quote chosen by you displayed on the website
Hosted online for 6 months
View from anywhere in the world
Unlimited guests

Multi Angle

An operator directs the shot


What's included:
All the features in The Big Day 
An operator directing the shots,  Up to 3 cameras available - 2 hours
Operator not in the room so not distracting.

Photo Gallery

Your Photos


What's included:
All the features in The Big Day 
All your favorite photos. Engagement, hen, stag, your choice.
Choose a carousel style
Choose a grid style
Up to 50 photos 
More than one Photo  grid or carousel available

Your Videos

Entertain your guests


What's included:
All the features in The Big Day 
Personal video/s to play looped on the stream website prior to the event.
These can be engagement videos etc. to entertain the waiting online guests.
Upload - Vimeo - Youtube
The live stream will play automatically in the same window on start.


Guest Participation


What's included:
All the features in The Big Day 
Enable your guests to interact with the livestream
Leave messages or congratulations


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